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Modern Issues of 1935 Index
James A. Farley
James Farley (1888  – 1976)
Farley’s Follies — As the story goes, Farley presented the first sheet off the press to FDR and frequently saved the second for his own family and others. He did this twenty times during his tenure. The practice angered the philatelic community and political opponents when exposed. Feeling deprived of access to these unique and invaluable sheets, critics lobbied Congress, demanding justice. President Roosevelt, an avid stamp collector, asked Farley to terminate this policy. To quell the mounting tension, Farley ordered all twenty sheets reprinted in a special printing without gum or perforations and offered for sale to every American who desired the sheets.

The reprintings began on March 15, 1935. Stamp collectors refer to the scandal and the reprinted sheets as "Farley's Follies." Farley took this lesson to heart and became a strong advocate for philatelists.
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1935 Commemerative Issues

Modern Issues of 1935 Index

THIRD ASSISTANT POSTMASTER GENERAL, Washington, February 15, 1935.

For the information of patrons who may be concerned, postmasters are hereby advised that the Department is preparing to issue, for a limited time, postage stamps in full sheets as printed, and in blocks thereof, as listed below, to meet the requirements of collectors and others who may be interested.

3c , Proclamation of Peace - Uncut sheets of 400 stamps (ungummed and perforated). Blocks of 4 stamps (ungummed and perforated).

1c and 3c Century of Progress Souvenir Issue - Uncut sheets of 225 stamps (ungummed and unperforated).

3c Little America - Uncut sheets of 200 stamps (ungummed and perforated). Blocks of 4 Stamps (ungummed and perforated).

3c Little America Souvenir Issue - Uncut sheets of 150 stamps (ungummed and unperforated).

3c Mothers' (Flat plate) - Uncut sheets of 200 stamps (ungummed and unperforated). Blocks of 4 stamps (ungummed and unperforated).

3c Wisconsin - Uncut sheets of 200 stamps (ungummed and unperforated). Blocks of 4 stamps (ungummed and unperforated).

NATIONAL PARKS ISSUE (1c, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c, 10c) - Uncut sheets of 200 stamps (ungummed and unperforated). Blocks of 4 stamps (ungummed and unperforated).

1c and 3c National Parks Souvenir Issue - Uncut sheets of 120 stamps (ungummed and unperforated).

16c Special-Delivery Air Mail - Uncut sheets of 200 stamps (ungummed and unperforated). Blocks of 4 stamps (ungummed and unperforated).

The special blocks of four stamps each mentioned above will be without the usual margins, which will prevent the furnishing of blocks containing plate numbers, guide lines, etc.

These special uncut sheets and blocks of stamps will be placed on sale at the Philatelic Agency, Post Office Department, Washington, D. C, beginning March 15, 1935, at face value, plus return postage and registry fee when ordered by mail. As special packing will be required, mail orders to the Philatelic Agency must positively not contain requests for other varieties of stamps.

Provision will also be made by first-day cover service on March 15 at the post office in Washington, D. C, to be limited to the items available in blocks of 4 stamps. Collectors desiring such service may send not to exceed 5 addressed envelops for each of the 15 varieties which will be available in blocks of 4, to the postmaster, Washington, D. C, with remittance, preferably in the form of a postal money order payable to the postmaster at Washington, to cover the value of the stamps to be affixed. Other postage stamps and personal checks will not be accepted in payment of the new stamps required for affixing to covers, and orders for loose stamps of the new issue must not be included with requests for covers. Unused stamps must be obtained from the Philatelic Agency. In addressing the envelops a space 3¼ inches square must be left in the upper right-hand corner to affix the block. The kind of stamps to be used should be marked on each envelop. To facilitate the preparation of the first-day covers, the special blocks of 4 stamps will be on sale at the Main Post Office and the Benjamin Franklin Station,. Washington, D. C, on March 15. The large sheets will be available at the Philatelic Agency only.

Since the above listed stamps in uncut sheets and blocks will not be sold at post offices, postmasters are directed not to submit requisitions therefor to the Department. However, stamps from these sheets and blocks will be valid for ordinary postage purposes.

Postmasters may give publicity locally to this information as may be deemed desirable, without expense to the Post Office Department.

Third Assistant Postmaster General

From: Postal Bulletin 16614 of 1935 February 18