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Scott B2
(45c) Heroes of 2001 - Suspended 2004 December 31
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Scott B2
Pane Single


Scott B2
button Pane of 20


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Scott B2 — (Forever+7c) Heroes of 2001 :: Pane  Single
Scott B2
 Heroes of 2001 Semi-Postal
 Pane Single

Scott B2 — (Forever+8c) Heroes of 2001 :: Pane of 20
Scott B2
Heroes of 2001 Semi-Postal
Pane of 20
Initially a 34c stamp with an 11c surtax was for assistance to families of emergency relief personnel killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty in connection with the terrorist attacks of 2001 September 11. On 2002 30, #B2 became a 37c stamp with an 8c surtax and removed from sales on 2004 December 31. All told, the stamp raised $10,565,073 for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to distribute the funds to the families of emergency responders killed or disabled during the 9/11 attacks on New York, the Pentagon, and Shanksville PA. In all, about 1,000 people/families were eligible to receive aid, and each received about $10,000.
(Scott B2)
Heroes of 2001
Item Number:566000
Denomination: (45c) Nondenominated
Type of Issue:Semipostal
Format:Pane of 20 (1 design)
Issue Date:2002 May 29
Issue City:New York NY 10199
Designer:Derry Noyes, Washington DC
Photographer:Thomas E. Franklin Bergen County NJ N/A
Art Director:Derry Noyes, Washington, DC
Modeler:Joseph Sheeran
Manufacturing Process: Offset
Printer:Ashton Potter (USA) Ltd. (APU)
Printed at:Williamsville NY
Press Type:Stevens Security Press
Stamps per Pane:20
Print Quantity:205 million stamps
Paper Type:Nonphosphored, Type III
Gum Type:Self-adhesive
Processed at:Ashton Potter (USA) Ltd.
Colors:Black; Cyan; Magenta; Yellow
Stamp Orientation: Vertical
Die Cut:11 x 11
Image Area (w x h): 1.44 x 1.105 in./36.576 x 28.067 mm
Overall Size (w x h): 1.56 x 1.225 in./39.624 x 31.115 mm
Pane Size (w x h):7.26 x 7.13 in./184 40 x 181.102 mm
Plate Size:120 stamps per revolution
Plate Numbers: “P” followed by four (4) single digits
Marginal Markings: © 2002 USPS”
• Plate lock (6 positions)
• Plate numbers
• Barcodes #566000
• Header America Responds 20 stamps that help make a difference” • Bottom selvage text
"The 9/11 Heroes Stamp Act of 2001 directs the Postal Service to transfer the net proceeds from the sale of these stamps to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide assistance to the families of emergency relief personnel who died or were permanently disabled in the line of duty in connection with the terrorist attacks of September 11,2001. Each "Heroes” stamp is valid postage at the First Class, first-ounce rate in effect at the time of purchase."

• Photo credit line
"Photo ©2001 The Record {Bergen County, N.J.), Thomas E. Franklin, staff photographer."
Catalog Item Number(s):566040 Full Pane of 20 w/plate no. — $9.00
566030 Block of 10 —$4.50
566020 Block of 4 —$1.80
566061 First Day Cancellation — $0.75
Stamp Announcement 02-17: Heroes of 2001 Semipostal Stamp
Postal Bulletin 22076 — 2005 May 16