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United States Semi-Postal (B) Stamps
(1998 - Present)
Scott B1
(55c) Breast Cancer Research (1998) - Suspended 2005 December 31
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Scott B1
Pane Single: 1998


Scott B1
button Pane of 20: 1998


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Scott B1 — (Forever+8c) Breast Cancer Awareness :: Pane Single
Scott B1
55c Breast Cancer Awareness
Pane Single

Scott B1 — (Forever+8c) Breast Cancer Awareness :: Pane of 20
Scott B1
55c Breast Cancer Awareness
Pane of 20
(Scott B1)
Breast Cancer Research Semipostal Stamp
Denomination: Initally sold for 40c, 32c plus an 8c surtax donated for cancer research.
After the 1999 January 10, #B1 became a 33c stamp with a 7c surtax;
after 2001 January 07, it became a 34c stamp with a 6c surtax.
Effective 2002 March 23, the stamp was sold for 45c, but the face value remained at 34c until 2002 June 30, at which time the face value rose to 37c.
On 2006 January 08, the face value rose to 39c, and on 2007 May 14, 2007, the face value rose to 41c and the stamp sold for 55c.
Sales of #B1 were suspended 2004 January 01, but resumed 2004 February 02, after Congress extended the sales period through 2005 December 31. Subsequently, the sales period was again extended, with the postage value matching changes in the first- class postage rates + 8c.
Type of Issue:Semipostal
Format:Self-adhesive pane of 20 (one design)
Issue Date:1998 July 29
Issue City:Washington DC 20066
Illustrator:Whitney Sherman Baltimore, MD
Designer:Ethel Kessler Bethesda, MD
Engraver:North American Roto
Art Director:Ethel Kessler Bethesda, MD
Typographer:Ethel Kessler Bethesda, MD
Modeler:Avery Dennison SPD
Manufacturing Process:Gravure
Printer:Avery Dennison (AVR)
Printed at:AVR, Clinton SC
Press Type:Dia Nippon Kiko
Stamps Per Pane:20
Print Quantity:200 million stamps
Paper Type:Pre-phosphored Type II
Gum Type:Self-adhesive
Processed at:AVR Clinton, SC
Colors (PMS Colors):Green; copper; yellow; magenta; cyan; black
Stamp Orientation:Vertical
Die Cut:11 x 11
Image Area:0.840 x 1.410 in.
21.336 x 35814 mm
Overall Size:0.990 x 1.560 in.
25.146 x 39.624 mm
Full Pane Size:5.900 x 7.250 in.
149.86 x 184.15 mm
Plate Size:160 stamps per revolution
Plate Numbers:“V” followed by six single digits
Marginal Markings:“© USPS 1998”
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• Text
Catalog Item Number:553040 Pane of 20 — $8.00
553061 First Day Cover — $.61
Sales Date:1998 July 29
Nationwide Sale Date:1998 July 30
First Day City:Washington DC
Stamp Announcement 98-24: Breast Cancer Research Semipostal
Postal Bulletin 21976 — 1998 July 16