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1982 General Issues

Scott 2002b — 20c Birds and Flowers (50 designs - full pane)

Andreotti Gravure Press —Perforation: 10½ x 11½ and 11 x 11
Washington DC and State Capitols — 1982 April 14
Print Quantity: 666,950,000 (Pane: 50) — Bureau of Engraving and Printing  (BEP)
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glass Scott 2002b
Pane of 50 #1953-2002 - perf 10½ x 11½
  Scott 2002c
Pane of 50 #1953A-2002A - perf 11
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Scott 2002a — 20c Birds and Flowers :: Pane of 50
Scott 2002a
20c Birds and Flowers
Pane of 50
Scott Description   Scott Description
1953 Alabama:
Yellowhammer and Camellia
  1978 Montana:
Western Meadowlark and Bitterroot
1954 Alaska:
Ptarmigan and Forget-Me-Not
  1979 Nebraska:
Western Meadowlark and a Goldenrod
1955 Arizona:
Cactus Wren and Saguaro Cactus Blossom
1980 Nevada:
Mountain Bluebird and Sagebrush
1956 Arkansas:
Mockingbird and Apple Blossom
1981 New Hampshire:
Purple Finch and Lilac
1957 California:
California Quail and California Poppy
1982 New Jersey:
American Goldfinch and Violet
1958 Colorado:
Lark Bunting and Rocky Mountain Columbine
1983 New Mexico:
Roadrunner and Yucca Flower
1959 Connecticut.
Robin and Mountain Laurel
1984 New York:
Eastern Bluebird and Rose
1960 Delaware:
Blue Hen Chicken and Peach Blossom
1985 North Carolina:
Cardinal and Flowering Dogwood
1961 Florida:
Mockingbird and Orange Blossom
1986 North Dakota:
Western Meadowlark and Wild Prairie Rose
1962 Georgia:
Brown Thrasher and Cherokee Hose
1987 Ohio:
Cardinal and Red Carnation
1963 Hawaii:
Hawaiian Goose and Hibiscus
1988 Oklahoma:
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher and Mistletoe
1964 Idaho.
Mountain Bluebird and Syringe
1989 Oregon:
Western Meadowlark and Oregon Grape
1965 Illinois:
Cardinal and Violet
1990 Pennsylvania:
Fluffed Grouse and Mountain Laurel
1966 Indiana:
Cardinal and Peony
1991 Rhode Island:
Rhode Island Red and Violet
1967 Iowa:
Eastern Goldfinch and Wild Rose
1992 South Carolina:
Carolina Wren and Carolina Jessamine
1968 Kansas:
Western Meadowlark and Sunflower
1993 South Dakota:
Ring-Necked Pheasant and Pasgueflower
1969 Kentucky:
Cardinal and Goldenrod
1994 Tennessee:
Mockingbird and Iris
1970 Louisiana:
Brown Pelican and Magnolia
1995 Texas:
Mockingbird and Bluebonnet
1971 Mane:
Chickadee and White Pine Cone and Tassel
1996 Utah:
California Gull and Sego Lily
1972 Maryland:
Baltimore Oriole and Black-Eyed Susan
1997 Vermont:
Hermit Thrush and Red Clover
1973 Massachusetts:
Black-Capped Chickadee and Mayflower
1998 Virginia:
Cardinal and Flowering Dogwood
1974 Michigan.
Robin and Apple Blossom
1999 Washington:
American Goldfinch and Rhododendron
1975 Minnesota:
Common Loon and Showy Lady Slipper
2000 West Virginia:
Cardinal and Rhododendron Maximum
1976 Mississippi:
Mockingbird and Magnolia
2001 Wisconsin:
Robin and Wood Violet
1977 Missouri:
Eastern Bluebird and Red Hawthorn
2002 Wyoming:
Western Meadowlark and Indian Paintbrush
PB21342 — 1982 March 11